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SF STUDIO -MY HISTORY- 楽しく書き込んで、自分だけの物語を紡いで


※1冊 6,000merry

●素材 / 紙 カバー:塩化ビニル樹脂(非フタル酸系可塑剤使用)
●サイズ / 縦約15.5cm、横約11cm、176ページ
※月間スケジュールページ:2021年1月〜2022年3月 週間ページ:2021年1月〜2022年3月

【Special Note for Redeeming presents】
★Gifts CANNOT be redeemed without ordering other products.
★Please verify that you already have enough points in your account before redeeming gifts. We do not accept redemption under insufficient points; even when gifts are being ordered, the redemption will be considered invalid.
★We do not accept returns or exchanges on any gifts besides defective products.
★Merry points must be used before their deadlines.
★Merry points are under each separate member account; points from two or more accounts cannot be combined.
★Please be aware that design of the gifts might be changed.
★There is a possibility of the gifts being out of stock (“SOLD OUT” will be shown on the invoice); in this case, we will return the points to your account.
★Please be aware that some gifts are not applicable for some countries.
★Under normal circumstances, the gift will be delivered along with other items.

【Merry Point(6,000merry)】SF STUDIO MY HISTORY 2021

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If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

【Merry Point(6,000merry)】SF STUDIO MY HISTORY 2021