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日々のふき掃除から解放! きれいなキッチンで心晴れ晴れ。

じゃぐちまわりに水滴が残ったままだと水あかやぬめりの原因に。そこで、じゃぐちに巻きつけておくだけで水滴を吸い取ってくれる人気モノ、じゃぐちカバーの出番です! ネイビーのストライプにレモンの刺しゅうをほどこし、高さがボリュームアップしたスペシャルバージョン。めんどうなふき掃除の手間をなくしてキッチンをきれいに、かわいくキープします。未体験の方はこの機会にぜひお試しください♪

※1個 7,500merry

●素材 / ポリエステル57%・綿43%(パイル) 中材:ウレタンフォーム
●サイズ / 幅約2.5cm、長さ約25cm(面ファスナー部分含まず)、厚さ約2cm

【Special Note for Redeeming presents】
★Gifts CANNOT be redeemed without ordering other products.
★Please verify that you already have enough points in your account before redeeming gifts. We do not accept redemption under insufficient points; even when gifts are being ordered, the redemption will be considered invalid.
★We do not accept returns or exchanges on any gifts besides defective products.
★Merry points must be used before their deadlines.
★Merry points are under each separate member account; points from two or more accounts cannot be combined.
★Please be aware that design of the gifts might be changed.
★There is a possibility of the gifts being out of stock (“SOLD OUT” will be shown on the invoice); in this case, we will return the points to your account.
★Please be aware that some gifts are not applicable for some countries.
★Under normal circumstances, the gift will be delivered along with other items.

【Merry Point(7,500merry)】クルッと巻くだけ吸水 レモン柄がかわいい水あか防止じゃぐちカバー

Collection No.: 931186

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If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product(same design/pattern). (Same situation in quantity of 3 or above)

【Merry Point(7,500merry)】クルッと巻くだけ吸水 レモン柄がかわいい水あか防止じゃぐちカバー