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Shopping Guide for Overseas Customers

Please enjoy shopping at the Felissimo Online Shop for overseas customers.
This site is not for customers in Japan.

  • * It is necessary to register as a Global Customer to obtain your exclusive ID.
  • * Please be aware that The Terms of Use are different from members in Japan.
  • * The shopping system is different from members in Japan.
  • * The products will be sent from Felissimo Japan.
  • * There is an Overseas Shipping and Handling Fee.
  • * Your order/inquiry will be received by Global Customer Service at Felissimo Japan.
  • * Returns and exchanges will be made by our Global Customer Service at Felissimo Japan for defective products only.
  • * Sales are limited for personal use only. Purchases for resale and commercial purposes are prohibited.
  • * Payment is settled in Japanese yen (JP¥).
  • * Although Japanese, English, and Chinese are available on the website and for Customer Service, catalogs and other printed matter are in Japanese only (some delivery addresses may be written in English or Chinese).
  • * To register as a Global Customer, please enter your name and address using only English half-width alphanumeric characters instead of full-width characters.

Countries/Regions where deliveries are available, Shipping and Handling Fee
About Global Member Registration 
About Product Size, Specifications, Seasonality
Marketing Model (Collection System) 
About Ordering 
About Delivery
About Returns and Order Cancellations
About Customs Clearance Procedure and Tariff

Countries/Regions where deliveries are available, Shipping and Handling Fee


    Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand,Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam


    North / Central America



    United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Finland


    Australia, New Zealand

    • * For countries/regions not on this list, please contact us.
    • * Even in countries/regions on this list, delivery may not be possible on isolated islands and other remote locations.
    • * Delivery can only be made to the country/region in which the Global Member is registered and currently lives.
    • * Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee includes shipping by air and local delivery, invoice fee and other costs.
    • * The Japanese Consumption Tax amount indicated on the price of the product is applied to the Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee. (There is no reduction in the amount.)
    • * For discounted products, the discounted price is applied toward the Delivery and Handling Fee.
    • * Handling Fee may change without prior notice.
About Global Member Registration (obtaining you exclusive ID)

Registration is free of charge. Click here to register as a Global Member.

  • * We accept customers who are over 16 years old to register to be our member.
    (Customers who are under 16 years old, please register via guardian information.)
  • * Please read and agree to the Terms of Use.
  • * Please manage your ID and password with care.
  • * Please refrain from multiple registration. (If you have been a Member in Japan in the past, please let us know after registering as a Global Member. Your purchase history will be transferred to your new ID.)
  • * Only one address can be registered for your Delivery Address. (Multiple Delivery Address registration is not permitted.)
About Product Size, Specifications, Seasonality
  • • Japanese size and standards are marked.
  • • Japanese seasonality is reflected in product delivery (fabrics used, long-sleeve/short sleeve)
  • * Regarding product specifications
    Most of the Felissimo products underwent various finishing processes such as fabric dying and other physical and chemical treatments. Some products underwent vintage processing and got an uneven color. Color fading and changing might also occur. Please treat these as the styles of the products.
    If you do not understand the Japanese specification terms, please feel free to contact us through the inquiry form on our site.
Marketing Model (Collection System)
  • • Felissimo’s Collection System is a unique marketing model.
  • • Delivery is once a month. Be sure to order after receiving delivery of the previous month. (Otherwise, it may be seen as an additional order for the previous month.)
  • • Please choose which Collection you would like to shop. (Specific products from the Collection may not be selected.)
  • • The photographed product on the website is an example of the product. (You may receive a similar product not photographed with the same code number.)
  • • If you order a quantity of 2, you will receive 2 of the same product. (It will not be a different product from the same Collection, but the same 2 products from the same Collection, ie color, pattern.)
  • • It is not possible to purchase numerous products from the same Collection at one time. (Only one purchase can be made per month, one product in one month, another the next month.)

◎5 Variations for Delivery Pattern


There is only 1 design for this collection. The same product will be delivered upon ordering.


You will receive the same product every time you order.

【Limited Collection】

Number of products in the collection is shown in the symbol. Collection is complete when all the products are delivered.
You can take a break in between and resume your subscription any time.
* Please leave the order of delivery to Felissimo.

【Rotation Collection】

Different design or colors in a collection shown in the catalogue are delivered in sequence.
The sequence rotates thereafter, although not necessarily in the same order.
* Please leave the order of delivery to Felissimo.

【Basic collection】

The most typical Felissimo Collection, in which different colors or design in the Collection is delivered every month.
You can even order just once!
* Please leave the order of delivery to us, as new designs are added from time to time.

  • * Unlike for the Japanese market, there is no Automatic Continual Order. Please reorder every month.

◎3 Variations for Subscription Pattern

【Multiple Subscription】

Subscription to subscription-specific Products for designated number of deliveries. (ex. Color pencils)

【Multiple Entry】

Subscription to regular product for campaign-specific number of deliveries.

【Annual Subscription】

Subscription to subscription-specific products for a fixed number of delivers. (number of deliveries may become fewer in some cases)

  • * Automatic Continual Order is the same as in the Japanese market. Cancellation of the order is not permitted.
  • * These subscription patterns may only be paid using international credit cards. (Do not accept Alipay or WechatPay payment)
  • * For further details, please refer to the pages specific to the products and campaigns.
About Ordering

Please order after login using your Global Member ID.

  • * Your Felissimo ID and Group Number (membership number) for the Japanese market cannot be used at this website.
  • * Orders can only be made online.
  • * Additions, changes, or cancellations cannot be made once the order is sent.

Click here to register as a Global member.

About Delivery
  • • For new members, or members who are non-continuously ordering in each month, orders will be delivered to your side in 3~4 weeks normally. Yet, you may receive your order a bit earlier depends on the situation of goods.
  • • From the second order and onwards, if customers place the order on or before the order deadline, your order will be sent out in the end of that month. or before the mid of the next month. (The delivery will be made in advance or delay depends on the situation of goods)
  • * Delivery is by DHL, EMS or small parcel only as determined by region.
  • * Delivery date and time may not be designated, and no contact ahead of time.
  • ※The monthly order of Collection website cannot be splitted into multiple shipments.
  • • Payment is settled in Japanese yen. Terms, exchange rate, timing, and currency exchange handling fee are set forward by the credit card issuing company.
  • • One-time payments must be made on international credit cards, Alipay, WechatPay, or PayPal.
  • • Once Felissimo determines your order amount, it will be charged to your credit card company. (Example: your order amount – out-of-stock items – discount amount + Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee)
  • • If there is "Split delivery", we will process your payment with your latest registered credit card.
  • * Alipay or WechatPay may not be used for payment of Subscription Products, neither at the time of registering for the Subscription Product nor during the subscription period.
  • * In using Alipay, WechatPay, or PayPal, you will be charged at the time of your order (with the Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee added). If the product is sold out, reimbursement will be made to your payment account.
About Returns and Order Cancellations
  • • We will not accept cancellation caused by customers.
  • • Once purchased, no product may be returned because of the purchaser's personal preferences.
  • • If the item is damaged or defective, please contact Global Customer Service within 10 days.
  • • If the parcel has been returned Japan without any contact in advance, or it has been returned as any reason and we cannot reach customer for solution,the products price and shipping fee would not be refunded.
  • * Reimbursements could take as long as 2 months. The payment will be made to your credit card, Alipay, WechatPay, or PayPal account.
  • * Please be aware that a difference in the invoice of credit card amount and reimbursement amount may occur at the time of settlement resulting in exchange gain or loss. We cannot be held responsible for return demand.
About Customs Clearance Procedure and Tariff (Note: Important)
  • • Customs clearance on purchased items may differ by country/region, and you, the customers may be asked to pay tariff, other import taxes, and/or clearance fee. The customer is responsible for payment of these taxes and/or duties.
  • • Please pay the courier service directly at the time of delivery.
  • • Notice •
    For country/region which delivered by DHL, customer need to afford "DHL Advance Payment surcharge" when there are duties and taxes charged by customs.
    (DHL Advance Payment surcharge is charged by DHL and NOT to Felissimo)
    For more details, please browse the DHL offical page, thank you for your understanding.
  • DHL International : http://www.dhl.com/en.html

⟨ Information for further reference ⟩

  • * For further information, please directly contact customs in the country/region in which you will receive the delivery.
Hong Kong

North and Central America

New zealand


  • * If you do not pay the tariff and/or clearance fee, and the product is returned to Felissimo, reimbursement will not be made for the product (including the Overseas Delivery and Handling Fee.)
  • * In some countries/regions, taxes and surcharge may be as high as the cost of the product or even higher.
  • * In some countries/regions, taxes and surcharges may not be charged if the product is within the amount of exemption for personal use. (But, the amount of the tax exemption may be very small in which case taxes and duties will have to be paid.)
Important Notice
  • •Real-Name authentication has become mandatory due to the upgrade of Taiwan's customs system from July 1, 2022.If you are living in Taiwan, please download and install the APP named EZWAY and register your personal information such as name, mobile phone, email address, etc. beforehand. Please also make sure the registered contents match the information of your Felissimo membership. DHL will inform customer through SMS or email after the parcel shipped, please use the APP to complete the real-name authentication in advance. If you did not register beforehand, or if your registered contents differ from your Felissimo membership information, The customs will not accept the declaration and the parcels could not be delivered successfully.
  • * Felissimo may include gifts along with your purchases. Although they are declared to be ¥1 of value on the custom invoice, you will not be actually billed for these items.
    In such cases, the invoice will indicate ¥1 for processing purpose only.
  • * Please be aware that customs in some countries/regions may charge taxes and other surcharges on the gifts based on the value or volume of the package for the gift.
  • * Magazine catalogues will not be delivered anymore. Please view the digital catalogues.
  • * https://www.felissimo.co.jp/int/promotion/index.cfm?cid=24819